Please make sure that your Antivirus (external or Windows Defender), as well as your Firewall, are all disabled before using the cheat.

Follow this video-guide to know HOW TO
Virtualization Enabled:
There is an easy way to know if your virtualization is enabled or not. Use the task manager then check on Performance tab and finally verify that your virtualization is in effect enabled, otherwise like the BIOS, check how to enable this feature in your CPU model and if your current CPU support this technology.
Notes: Be sure to have Battle NET closed on this stage or the loader will not continue and self close.

Extract and open the Hush loader as an administrator.

A command prompt should become visible. From here paste the serial key you have obtained from the shop and then press Enter.

*A confirmation is given right after, please do press any button to confirm the key load.

Notes: If by any reason this window self closes. Repeat the operation but this time wait 20-30 seconds before pressing any button

The loader will give you a few options to you. To understand them properly, we will explain one by one

The loader will give you a few options to you. To understand them properly, we will explain one by one
Pressing the button 1: The Hush project will be loaded. From this point you can add a spoofer to disks. However, this spoofer could be unstable by a great amount of computers. 

It is then suggested skipping it with a “0” if you receive bluescreens.

Assuming you accepted the spoofer. (1)
Proceed to accept this window if you’re willing to use the disk spoofer.

*The loader will request you now to create a “PIN”. It has to be a number generated by yourself (6 numbers. Like the example:301522). This PIN will determine the serial name changed in your disks

It is important to remember:

– If you set a PIN, be sure to always use the SAME PIN each injection.

*The loader will confirm your operation with the following message. and then remain on standby until you proceed with the next step.

Notes: Using the spoofer or not, you will be always redirected to this step from the image below.
Once you have finished the above step with the loader, proceed to open the game and when you reach the game lobby / warzone or multiplayer, press the BUTTON F5 one time to begin the injection to the game. (Press F5 INGAME, NOT AT THE LOADER COMMAND PROMPT). 

The menu should appear to you on the left side of the screen. 

Operate with it the button DELETE to open/close it and clicking on the options to customize to your liking.
Proceed to accept this window if you’re willing to use the disk spoofer.

Using the cleaner extra steps:
Pressing the button 2: The cleaner option unlike the above one it will attempt to do permanent changes to your computer. Operate then at your own risk and knowledge.
Make a recovery backup before operating with this option. You have been warned

> What Is the Cleaner?

The Cleaner is a 1 click program that is run on your PC, It clears all traces files and Permanently Changes your PC HWID, everything is done, so you don’t have to.

To use this option, you must disable all the network adapters and Bluetooth adapters you are currently not using.

It has been designed to remove those pesky Shadow and Permanent bans you have been receiving after making a new account however, the Cleaner Does Not Support:


-Laptops and MAC’s cannot be used.

> Do I need to reinstall Windows?

If you have used a previous spoofer before (with virtualization). Reinstall your system!

*Once the option is used. Wait until the procedures are completed, then. Login to the new user generated in your system.

If by any reason you are unable to boot windows. Start it in safe mode.

Other questions:

> Do I have to use the cleaner all the time?

No. The cleaner is a permanent solution to removing a shadowban (To the computer, NOT THE ACCOUNT), Unless of course you get banned again then you will need to run again.

> Will the cleaner remove a ban from my account?

No, Once and account is marked for ban or has been shadowbanned there is nothing that can be done.

> What Versions of Windows Does the Cleaner Support?

Support ALL versions of Windows 10

Few tips regarding the options – Understanding the meaning of each option.

FOV: It is the FOV setting for target lock (the higher, the less close the gun angle has to be to the target for the aimbot to activate); The aimbot will use this setting to alter the FOV dynamically based on the enemy’s distance. (I.e. if the enemy is right in front of you, the FOV will basically take up the whole screen. If they are 1000m away , the FOV becomes tiny so that you have to aim close to the enemy target so that the aimbot understands that’s the enemy you want to snipe).

Max Distance: The measure is done in meters, where the aimbot reacts

Speed: It is (pixels/sec X 10) , linked to the lock delay option.

Lock Delay: Affects the acceleration time from 0 to max speed (determine by the speed slider). The aimbot will aim instantly but accelerate from 0-Max speed instead of not aiming at all)

Smoothing Radius (a radius in pixels around the target): Tells the aimbot when to slow down when it reaches close enough to the target bone. (Smoothing off/smoothing 0 can lead to mouse stutter). If you want a minimum smoothing then you should try a setting of at least 5)

Auto scan: The aimbot will select the next available bone, independent of your original bone selection.

Gravity Constant: affects the bullet drop algorithm. Should not be changed unless the user finds that when sniping long distance the bullets are either too high or too low)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why I can't the game in Fullscreen mode?
Hush works as an external cheat, meaning that you must run the game in Borderless mode.
What game resolution should I use?
For this Testing we will be running the game in Borderless mode and 1920×1080 resolution.
The cheat is not loading. How do I fix it?
As the cheat information mentions, this cheat does require having the following: Virtualization Enabled, Secure Boot Disabled otherwise you will receive ERRORS AT THE COMMAND PROMPT

Also, This cheat requires Battle net being closed before injection as a security measure. You can open it once the injection is completed and read to open the game
Can I change my PIN?
Use ONE PIN CODE per customer. If you change your PIN code, the HWID will also change!! Beware!! Explained more on the manual.

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