Status : Updating
Hack Rating: ★★★★☆
Ease of Use: ★★★★☆
CPU Compatibility: INTEL CPU Only with virtualization enabled

Rust Hack By Intel

If you game on an Intel PC, then you’ll absolutely love the Rust Intel Hack. It includes a full suite of cheats and intuitive hacks that range from “heavy” cheats that allow you to dominate the map to “light” cheats that simply enhance your gameplay and make your experience more fun. In Rust, the goal is simple- survive as long as possible.
Whether you want to find resources faster and build the best weapons, or you just want to hunt down other players and kill them predator-style, our cheats have got you covered!
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What Is The ‘Instant Eoka’ Cheat?

In Rust, one of the first weapons you’ll get your hands on is the eoka pistol. It’s a simple flintlock pistol known for its horrible accuracy and incredibly slow firing. However, once you activate the ‘instant eoka’ cheat, your accuracy will be unparalleled, and the weapon will fire faster like a semi-automatic weapon. If you’ve ever fancied running around the map and owning players with the worst pistol in the game, then now’s your chance to have some fun.

How Does The ‘Helicopter Aimbot’ Work?

One of the more annoying aspects of Rust is the occasional helicopter fly-bys. A large attack helicopter will pass over the map from time to time, raining destruction on everybody below. Although it’s hard to take down, it is possible with the right weapons. The only problem is that many players waste all of their hard-earned ammo on missed shots at the helicopters.
With the helicopter aimbot, you’ll be able to target and shoot the helicopters with perfect accuracy, bringing them down from the sky in seconds.

Rust Hack by Intel

The Rust Intel Hack was designed to be a full suite of internal hacks developed specifically for Intel gamers. It includes every single major cheat that you could ever think of in addition to a bunch of other “light cheats” that you’ve probably never heard of before. If you’re ready to take your gaming to the next level, then you’ll love our hyper-accurate aimbots, enemy and item ESP system, gravity modifier, and more!

Fully adjustable aimbot lets you target helicopters and other players with deadly accuracy.
Enemy ESP lets you see enemies through the walls.
Item ESP lets you find and search for specific resources and items in the map.
Gravity modifier lets you jump super-high.
‘Spiderman mod’ lets you climb walls.
Remove recoil with the ‘no recoil’ mod.
Increase bullet speed.
Increase bullet width to increase accuracy.
Silent aimbot lets you shoot targets with complete silence.
Admin flag shows you if any admins are on the server.
Built-in HWID spoofer.

Rust isn’t the highly competitive phenomenon that Fortnite is, and it’s rare to find major paid tournaments. So why would you need to use Rust cheats? The answer is simple- they’re fun! Our Intel Hack for Rust is essentially a full suite of every single cheat that the developers could think of. In a game that’s inherently hard to survive in, you’ll be an apex predator on the battlefield, slaughtering enemies and acquiring resources like a post-apocalyptic demigod. What could possibly be more fun than that?

System Requirements

  • Supports Intel CPU Only
  • CPU Virtualization enabled
  • Supports Nvidia and AMD GPUs
  • Windows 10 (1903~20H2)
  • English
  • HWID Locked
  • Spoofer Included

Rust Intel Features

Enemy ESP/NPC (boxes)
Enemy Info (health,distance,animals,inventory)
Item ESP with filters
Team/friendly check
Visibility checks
Change the icon padding to adjust the left spacing.
Classes for easy editing.
List anything with fancy icons.
Adjustable Aimbot FOV & Smooth with filters
Helicopter Aimbot
Aimbot key selector
Aim bone selector
Visibility checks
Silent aim
Lock target & Switch target after kill
Radar hack
Bullet speed multiplier
Adjustable no recoil
No spread
No sway
Thick/wide bullet
Instant Eoka
Spider-man mode
Admin flag
No fall damage
Always day
Bright Caves
Silent farm
Fly Hack
Auto Collect
Instant Heal
Auto close doors
Silent melee
Instant revive
Walk on water
Gravity modifier

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is this cheat easy to use?
Yes, the Rust Intel Hack is 100% idiot-proof. Simply boot the hack program, start the game, and then customize your cheats to start using them.
Q2. Is this cheat stream proof?
Yes, you’ll be able to stream your gameplay without others knowing your cheating (unless you bring up the user interface while streaming).
Q3. Is this cheat internal or external?
The Intel Hack is an internal hack.
Q4. Do I need to disable protections and anti-virus to use the cheat?
In order to prevent error messages and crashing, make sure that your anti-virus is disabled and turn off your ‘safe boot’ settings from the BIOS.
Q5. Does it come with an HWID spoofer?
Yes! Even if you’ve been previously banned, our HWID spoofer ensures that you can come back under a fake Hardware ID.
Q6. Can I play in fullscreen?
Yes! Enjoy Rust in fullscreen mode while using our Intel Hack!

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